Angel’s Landing Permit

Named one of the US Top 10 Summit Hikes by National Geographic in 2011, Angel’s Landing is an unforgettable hike for travelers of all ages. Yes, I mean all. Just be smart. It’s nerve wracking for anyone that is not best friends with heights and might be haunted by vertigo. But aside from the wobbly, Angel’s Landing is a very achievable goal for any break-willing hiker.

Distance : 5.4 miles (8.7 km)

Elevation : 1,488ft

Hiking Time : between 3 and 5 hours

Difficulty : Strenuous

*You will need to bring a print-out or screenshot your Angel’s Landing Permit!*

How do I get an Angel’s Landing Permit?

First thing that you should know is that Angel’s Landing is now a permitted hike as of April 2022. You are able to hike up to Scout’s Lookout, a beautiful lookout view about 2/3 of the way up to Angel’s Landing. But to finish hike the last section to the landing, often referred to as the “Chains Section,” you’ll need a permit. You can get a permit in advance or the day before.

Seasonal Permits

The seasonal permits are opened quarterly, 3 months in advance, are open for 20 days, and results are delivered on the 25th. But for example, to get a permit for March 1- May 31, permit requests are open from January 1 to January 20, and confirmations are emailed out on January 25. When you log in to reserve a permit, you’ll have to pay a $6 nonrefundable application fee.

How many people does the permit cover?
The permit will cover up to 6 people. *Note* when you pay the $6 application fee, that fee will go toward the cost of the permit for two people. However you were able to acquire more than two permits, you will be charged an additional $3 per person automatically.

Day Before Permits

The day-before lottery opens at 12:01am and closes at 3:00pm Mountain Time. It still costs a $6 non-refundable application fee and the permits are issued at 4:00pm for the following day. The permit will cover up to 6 people but $3 more dollars will be charged per person beyond the two people that the $6 application fee covered.

Applying for a Permit

First, you’ll go to the Zion National Park Service Website and scroll down to where you can choose between “Seasonal Lottery” or “Day-Before Lottery.” The Seasonal Lottery will have available hyperlinks that send you to where you can apply!

Cancelation/Change Policy

The day-before lottery permits are neither cancelable nor change-able and the fees are non-refundable.

Seasonal lottery permits can be canceled as long as it’s 48 hours in advance and all per-person fees will be refunded excluding the $6 application fee. The only change that currently allows for seasonal lottery permits is to cancel or reduce the party size. Right now, you’re unable to change the date, change the name on the permit, or increase the number attending.

Why so complicated?

Yes, this permitting system adds a lot to your plate when trying to hike Angel’s Landing and I get that’s frustrating. But this system has brought down the daily traffic on this narrow hike from averaging 3,000 people per day to 800 people per day. In certain areas, the trail is 2.5 feet wide meaning that traffic coming down has to pass traffic coming up. These permits are reducing the amount of danger in that traffic jam.

What if I didn’t get the permit I needed?

We actually partner with Zion Guide Hub who leads Angel’s Landing guided tours and they have their own permits. So you’re able to not only get those permits you needed but can also bring an educated local with you to tell you about the park on the way.

What should I expect on the hike? Can I do it? Do I have what it takes to land amongst the Angels?

Click HERE to learn more about the actual trail, what to realistically expect, some pro-tips, and some random fun facts. Spoiler alert: if you’re willing to take breaks, you can do this.


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