Adventure with Locals, As a Local

How to adventure with locals? Let locals take you out!

Zion Guide Hub is a local Springdale company that provides custom-guided trips such as hikes, canyoneering, biking, and all sorts of fun! It doesn’t matter if you’re a fresh beginner or a seasoned adrenaline junkie, you are welcome here.

So now here’s the question: how to adventure as a local? It’s simple: immerse yourself, look up. BE PRESENT!!

Believe it or not, even with different services, The Wild Within Us and Zion Guide Hub’s goals are exactly the same. We provide you with an intimate, tailored, and immersive experience in some of the country’s most beautiful landscape. The key word there is an *immersive* Zion experience. Meaning, we both want you to be able to explore the beauty of the canyon and not just see but really feel it’s beauty.


So hear me out. You’ve already booked with Zion Guide Hub. You want photos of your trip, of course. But you also want (and we want you) to actually be present with your family in what we think is the most amazing natural landscape.

That’s where The Wild Within Us comes in! Leave your worries AND your phone behind and let us capture the experience. Yes moms out there, this means you might actually have the chance to be IN the photos and not just behind the camera. You’ll be much more at ease knowing that a professional photographer is there getting all the shots.

So where all do we go?



To start, Zion Guide Hub offers a guided tour in the Narrows in Zion National Park! From its name, this is the narrowest part of the canyon where the walls at their most narrow are 1,500 feet tall and only 22 ft wide. Get ready to wade through the crystal clear and cold rush of the Virgin River. 

If you feel like simply hiking isn’t enough, Zion Guide Hub also offers two kinds of the same experience: normal cycling, and the exciting mountain biking. To avoid dangers of flash floods, always check for current conditions. You’ll also likely want to rent walking sticks and if it’s cold, waterproof waders. To rent gear and be led through the Zion Narrows by some of the best trained educators in Springdale, go to the local hotspot: Zion Guide Hub.


Zion National Park could get busy and crowded during the peak season, but with biking, you can definitely move around a bit faster! Riding a bike around the park can offer you a different and unique perspective of the place, and is a great way to explore around. Zion Guide Hub also offers electric bikes that you can use to take a unique and immersive ride up the canyon without having to completely destroy those quads.

Mountain Biking

Here’s where it gets a lot more interesting. Want to adventure like a local? Zion Guide Hub and its guides are also down to get downright dusty! Are you? Locals know how to take you to the most beautiful trails including the JEM Trail, Wire Mesa, Gooseberry Mesa! And of course, biking and taking photos is a dangerous mix. When you let The Wild Within Us tag along with you, you can actually focus on the rocks in front of you and which hand is the rear brake and which hand is the front. Left is front? You’ll only know if both hands are on the bike and OUR hands are on the camera.


I’ve saved the best for last. Is that best practice on a blog? Not sure. But canyoneering is a local FAVORITE. This multi-sport activity calls on the brave… and the family members of the brave that didn’t actually book the adventure but are in the parking lot being handed a harness looking at you with a delicate blend of confusion, fear, and anger.

Canyoneering is a unique experience southern Utah has to offer and is one of the best things you can do while in the area. With this activity being physically demanding, taking a photo might be the least of your priorities and something you might forget. That’s why we offer ourselves and enhance your experience with photos you can look back on! Not only is canyoneering much more fun with a guide with witty humor but you’re going to need a lot of gear so don’t forget a Zion Guide Hub guide.


Take off your adventure pants and put on your fancy pants!

In The Wild Within Us, we believe in respecting your time by fully utilizing it down to the last second. Bask in the sunset after a long and fulfilling day of adventure as we provide you with a photoshoot in your nice outfit, where you can look and feel your best, authentic self. 

With our partnership with Zion Guide Hub, take advantage of the day and have yourself professionally photographed. But at the end of the day, all we want you to feel is happy, excited, and comfortable. We want to offer you and your loved ones tangible memories that will take you back to the warm feelings you had while in Zion.

Want to learn more about the shoot and its pricing? Click here!


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