the print experience

it's more than getting a great photograph- its about PRINTING THEM!


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 I am here to remind you why tangible images are deeply important and will end up being some of the most cherished valuables to your name. Printed images have the ability to tie people to places, experiences and emotions. It strengthens our story and allows us to share our stories with the next generation. We have created an in depth guide, including video, on all details regarding printing which you will receive access to upon gallery delivery.  Our job as your photographer isn't complete until we know you have prints order!  

I am here to remind you why tangible images are deeply important and will end up being some of the most cherished valuables to your name.

1. It becomes a tangible memory

A printed photo becomes something our future kids can touch and look closely into. It’s displayed, its on the wall, its on the desk, its inside the album. You don’t need to search through the various files, folders and deep archives to find the images that you took years ago in the computer. Its there! Printed and hung on the wall or compiled in an album.

Just like when our parents showed us their old photos, it creates conversations about how our families were like when they were younger – how they used to fish in our PawPaws pond, the same pond we would fish in! 

Enjoy your photos every day you when you walk past where the images are being displayed.

2. It ties people to places, experiences and emotions

When we look at the image taken the first time, we might notice things like how we used to look. But as time passes, what we get to see are the moments, the emotions, and the experiences that we had with people that was with us. 

The first few seconds from just looking at a photo immediately brings us back to our old homes, our old playgrounds, our old treasured memory. Sometimes when we pause for a little while and just take a look around us, we get to see how far our families have come and remember how we first started out. It ties us back to our roots and our purposes in life. Small things that we see on a photo, like that blanket we used to hug to sleep, reminds us of even the atmosphere, feelings, and scents of that particular time in our lives.

Our world is so fast-moving and there isn’t time to look for the images in our phones or our laptops; have it there ready every time and its great to just stop and re-live those moments…

3. It strengthens us

Lately with the fast-paced life, we get too pre-occupied with our work and we lose sight of our purposes in life and why we do what we do. Sometimes when days are low, we forget about how fortunate we still are to be where we are now. Some people place photo frames on their work-desks, some along the walls of their house, just to remind them of who we are and the people who have made the person we are today… and that even when we have bad days, we will always have our family behind us and in our hearts to push us through in life. 

Life is precious and fleeting. Memories that matter and bring us joy, need to be brought to life. So what happens when we grow up in a society of picture takers but not photo printers? We get a disconnect. So often, digital files get delivered, are shared on social media for a short period and then rarely opened again. Printed photos are a celebration of life. We can all gather around the table or in a living room and pass photos around, encouraging stories and connection. We are literally passing down history as we pass around photos. Digital files simply do not have the same effect because they are not tangible. So LET’S PRINT these photos so the memories can live on.